About Us

Crafted with Determination 
Designed for the G.O.A.T. 

 ~ Chivo, in Spanish: 'Goat'
Many focus on that what they wish to obtain, while only few attain their highest goals through self determination. 
It is this determination by which you can overcome the hardest obstacles and obtain self fulfilment through personal dedication. This is greatness. 
The difference between trying to be good or actually being great.
We believe this greatness lies within anyone.
In today's society, more than ever do we push ourselves to new limits in order to define our personal strengths and reach our goals.
We believe nothing is impossible.
By putting your focus in what you do and in what you believe.
By realizing your own potential your highest goals can be attained.
From this spirit we craft and design our clothing. Apparel that sparks and complements our inner strengths and inspire us and others around us to work from self determination,
making us become...
The Greatest Of All Time