Women's Club Hoodie Ultraviolet (pre-order)
Women's Club Hoodie Ultraviolet (pre-order)

Women's Club Hoodie Ultraviolet (pre-order)

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Super comfortable and eternally convincing. The Chivo Hoodie takes a well-known streetwear icon to a new standard. Made from the finest cotton, this hoodie gives you a sleek look that is incredibly comfortable to the touch. The soft inner and outer fabric makes it a breeze to wear. 

Wear it wherever and whenever you want. For work, school or when you're chilling with friends. The Chivo Hoodie makes you confident in wearing comfort and style.

The hoodie that brings calm confidence to the table. Comfortable to wear and versatile in wearability. Stitched in front pockets provide practical comfort and make for a attractive sporty look. Suitable for both men and women and available in five different colours



65% cotton

35% polyester